I have experienced several programing languages with C++ background. I tried many language because the requirements from the project may have some specifications on the technology that the team has to follow and deliver as solution design and compliances. I had a good time with PHP, Java, and Python. I also explored some another programing language such as Ruby, Javascript for NodeJS and this topic I will share some experiences regarding the language for AI career.

Personally, I always keep in mind that there is no best language, we are professional, the programing language is just a tool to deliver the mission. So, before choosing any programing language, you should consider what is the thing you / your team want to build it now. And, why Python?

I read some articles on the internet and I want to share the comments and my experiences regarding this concern.

#1 – Easy to learn

Python is so much easy to learn. I just taken 2 weeks for learning it and apply into a real project. I love the way Python code, it is so simple and easy to maintain. I had only the troubles when I deploy the source codes on the prod environment.

#2 – Multi purpose

With Python, you can easily to transform to many career paths. You can become a data scientist, you can become a full stack developer, you can become a devops… The learning curve is low.

However, if the machine learning model is complicated and require high hardware specification. Eg: matrix operations required GPU. For these tasks, we need a performance and efficiency, C++ is a choice.

In the real case, Tensorflow provided Python interface for higher level, in the low level, the framework used C language to ensure performance of processing.

So, you can build it by yourself if you can use C for the ML/AI or you can use Python for faster development and minimize learning curve.

In AWS software development, I also do some research in the internet and I have a concern to use Python or NodeJS for AWS lambda. And, these are the popular language in many startup and development organization over the world. I also asked some my friends in AWS team. They also prefer Python and NodeJS for long term development (Not Go or Java). There is a test that Python is faster than NodeJS double times.

Conclusion, Python is a choice because it is easy to learn and also a performance programing language to long term development. You can consider to invest for your team. And please beer in mind that there is no best language at all, the best people will build the best thing.


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