I guessed that most of you will pick the “Clean Code” or “Code Compute” but not…

This post is my personal thinking, the result may be different between us. I hope that you can share your view and your best book, the one changed your mindsets, or upgrade you.

For me, “Inside the machine” changed me in IT book aspect. This is the best book I have read in my life.

Back to the book, why I suggest you a hardware book, it is not a software book. I am developer on software field. Now is the reasons.

“Inside the machine” wrote about the relationship between hardware and software. The beginning of the book, you will learn about the primary structure of processor such as ALU. At the end of the book, you will understand the architect and design of the complex processor.

Fact: “Inside the machine” was written by Jon Stokes who founded Ars Technica and a writer for Wired paper.

Download link: http://joe90.yolasite.com/resources/InsidetheMachine.pdf

I love this book because it is simple and easy to understand

The content was written in a way for the newbie or beginner can read and understand. Use the simple words and concepts to explain a complexity problem. You will feel that it is easy to get familiar with the content inside the book. Inside The Machine can help many target audiences. The writing way is very natural and you will be fall in the book.

If you are not a good programmer, I will recommend this book for you. I read this book when I was a student and It helped me a lot in my career, not directly, but It changed me. I also hope that it will help you for your future career.

It is more important to understand “Why” is more than the result only

In technician world, the very bad habit if you only focus on the result and don’t know why It happened or Why this result happen?

As a technician, you must understand the root cause of the problem to fix and improve it day by day. I worked with many students from 3rd year at the university. The biggest mistake from them that I feel that is: they only focus on the feature, but don’t know well in the background and solution design at scale or how to improve the software in the next level of development, what is the limitation on the software…

Inside the Machine will train you this skill and mindset.

Finally, what ever you are, you are a hardware engineer or software engineer, this book is for you. You can enjoy with it and I hope it will help you to become a better version of yourself.