People likes to interact with organization via multi channels and personalization. They want to use their prefer channels for communication depends on the situation. To enrich customer experience, AWS used Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex. Never stopped, Amazon Connect added more and more benefits and communication way day by day.

Whatsapp is a popular channel for the communication, not only via chat, but also via internet based call. Whatsapp introduced Whatsapp API for business to enable text communication and increase chances to reachable.

The root of technology is the integration between Amazon Lex and Whatsapp API for text. The result is Amazon Connect for seamless voice transfer using the Amazon Contact API and the Twilio Whatsapp API

Amazon Connect is a cloud based contact center on AWS Cloud. You can create a contact center platform on a cloud in a few minutes. It is very fast and easy of use.

Amazon Lex is a service to create bot application. You can add it into Contact Flow to build a voice bot application. Eg: Customer speak to meet an agent to ask the credit card question, System can understand by predefined key word/messages and route to specific and right agent. Amazon Lex can support voice and text, but not support all languages.

At this point of time (Jan 2020), Amazon Lex not yet supported Vietnamese. See more:

Amazon Translate & Amazon Lex Integration

To do the whatsapp integration, we must use below components:

  1. Amazon Connect Platform
  2. Amazon Lex
  3. Whatsapp API (Twilio Sandbox)
  4. Amazon Lambda

How it works

The following are the high-level steps involved in this integration:

  1. Set up the contact flow on Amazon Connect.
  2. Set up Amazon Lex for chatbot integration with WhatsApp.
  3. Create the Lambda function to initiate the outbound API call to Amazon Connect.
  4. Modify the Amazon Lex fulfillment behavior.
  5. Set up the Twilio API integration on Amazon Lex.

When a user initiates a chat in WhatsApp, the integrated Amazon Lex bot responds to the user’s queries. When the user must talk to a contact center agent:

  • The corresponding utterance is captured.
  • The intent is triggered.
  • The user is prompted to provide a telephone number at which the conversation continues, along with additional slot values, if required.
  • To fulfill the intent, the mapped Lambda function is invoked.
  • The Lambda function calls the Amazon Connect outbound API.
  • The outbound API calls the user’s telephone number and connects the call to the contact flow ID provided in the API.
  • When an agent receives the call, the agent has the necessary details about the conversation from the attributes, allowing the user to connect to the right agent.

See more detail: