The 20s decade marked the transformation in IT field. A large number of companies has migrated their data and application to cloud platform.

This topic will cover some cloud report in 2020:

  1. Public Cloud Market Size will reach $330B in 2020, $623.3B in 2023 (Source: Report Linker). US is biggest country used cloud with $124.6B in 2019.
  2. Average budget investment per organization is $2.2M in 2018
  3. 1/3 budget of IT company will be invested in cloud
  4. Hybrid cloud rate is 58%
  5. 90% companies has a service on the cloud (Source: 451). 60% workloads ran on cloud in 2019, increased 15% when compare with 2018. And 94% workloads will be handled on the cloud in 2021 (Source: Cisco).
  6. Amazon is the leader in this market with 47%, Microsoft Azure is the second one with 15%. 13% revenue of Amazon came from AWS.
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