By providing its employees with training about cloud technology and the ability to gain AWS certifications, Capital One is attracting and retaining top talent. Capital One is one of the largest banks in the United States and offers credit cards, checking and savings accounts, auto loans, rewards, and online banking services for consumers and businesses.

“The flexibility of Amazon Connect lets us add new features in weeks instead of the three to six months that our last solution required.” Rajiv SondhiVice President for Software Engineering and Digital Technologies, Capital One

Capital One, they did positioning that they are a digital technology company and offer banking services (not a bank in traditional thinking). They focus on the values of creativity and innovation to bring an exceptional, seemless, truly, intelligent and excellent customer experiences.

In Capital One, they have cloud first policy. Then, the new application will be designed and architected on the cloud. And lastly, the company can use data analytics, machine learning to better understanding customer feedback and intent.

Capital One choose Amazon Connect as the cloud based contact center on AWS cloud. Capital One was the first one give their customers the ability to manage their financial accounts thru any Amazon Alexa-enabled device by focusing on how technology can enable to gain great customer experiences.

AWS Services Used:

  1. Amazon Connect
  2. Amazon S3
  3. Amazon Redshift
  4. Amazon Kinesis
  5. AWS Lambda


  • Speed innovation, Solution was fully rolled out within 5 months.
  • New features can be added in weeks, not months
  • Easy of integration with other organization systems
  • Simplify support and change process.
  • Reduce data center footprint
  • Increase using micro services
  • Open and integrated architect
  • Easy of operation: design contact flow, manage agents, analyze performance metrics.
  • Easy of integration with other AWS services: Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis to stream metrics to data warehousing solutions like Amazon Redshift, Amazon Lambda to interact with backend systems and APIs.
  • Speech to tech transcription makes the call content available for search and analytics by natural language processing tools.
  • No per seat cost, just pay as the connected minutes.
  • Easy of use for agent / supervisor. 30 minutes training for this case and 100% adoption.

Customer Value

“Amazon Connect is helping us capture customer intent and provide an even more seamless, personalized customer experience,” says Jared Wall, the vice president for bank contact center channels at Capital One. “In just a few months on Amazon Connect, we’re already improving customer outcomes and overall business agility, and this is just the beginning.”

“No matter which channel our customers use—our branches, Capital One Cafes, our mobile app, or a contact center—we want a seamless experience,” says Sondhi. “Because Amazon Connect integrates with our larger ecosystem, our associates have the information they need to meet our customers where they are and exceed their expectations in all settings.”

“One associate told me that the call and sound quality are so much clearer than the old system that it sounds as if the customer is right next to you,” says Sondhi. “We’re also hearing great feedback from customers about the time they’re saving with the intuitive IVR menus and the virtual hold with callbacks.”

“We have already experienced Amazon Connect seamless scaling without manual intervention as we have doubled initial call volume. Once we deploy it companywide, Amazon Connect will be handling about 25 times the number of agents, calls, and processes that it handles trouble-free today,” says Sondhi. “We have no doubt that, just like all the other AWS services we use, Amazon Connect will be able to scale up as much and as fast as we need and support continued innovation and seamless customer experiences across the entire company.”

Source: AWS