AWS Architected Framework is a guidance to build a cloud system based on best practices. You will understand the pros and cons of each decision.

AWS’s philosophy is: reviewing an architecture is a constructive conversation about architectural decisions, and is not an audit mechanism. AWS believe that if we can have a well architected systems, it will increase business success.

This document will provide best practices and core strategies for architecting systems on the cloud. AWS well architected is based on 05 pillars as below:

  1. Operational Excellence
  2. Security
  3. Reliability
  4. Performance Efficiency
  5. Cost Optimization

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General Design Principles:

  1. Stop guessing your capacity needs
  2. Test system at prod scale
  3. Automation
  4. Allow for evolutionary architectures
  5. Drive architectures using data
  6. Improve thru game days

Operation Excellence Design Principles:

  1. Perform operation as code
  2. Annotate the documents
  3. Make frequent, small, reversible changes
  4. Refine operation procedures frequently
  5. Anticipate failure
  6. Learn from all operational failures

Security Design Principles:

  1. Implement a strong identity foundation
  2. Enable traceability
  3. Apply security rules for all layers
  4. Automate security best practices
  5. Protect data in transit and at rest
  6. Keep people away from data
  7. Prepare for security events

Reliability Design Principles:

  1. Test recovery procedures
  2. Automatically recover from failure
  3. Scale horizontally to increase system availability
  4. Stop guessing capacity
  5. Manage changes in automation

Performance Efficiency Design Principles:

  1. Democratize advaced technologies
  2. Go Global in minutes
  3. Use serverless architectures
  4. Experiment more often
  5. Mechanical sympathy

Cost Optimization Design Principles:

  1. Adopt a consumption model
  2. Measure overall efficiency
  3. Stop spending money on data center operations
  4. Analyze and attribute expenditure
  5. Use managed and application level to reduce cost of ownership
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