Dear my friend,

Today, my boss reached to me and asked for a read only user creation on AWS console. He wants to monitor and view whole system but he doesn’t need any change action to ensure he did not make any mistakes.

To make this happen, it is quite simple by using a default AWS Policy that called “ReadOnlyAccess”.

Step 1: Create a user that under an AWS Account

  • Access IAM from AWS Console
  • Choose “Users” tab
  • Click “Add” button on the right hand to add new user. Eg: boss

Remember to select the “AWS Management Console Access”. You can use the custom password as long as you have to follow the password policy.

Step 2: Add user with ReadOnlyAccess policy

  • You have to switch to “Attach existing policies directly”.
  • Scroll down or search keyword “ReadOnlyAccess”
  • Tick on the option

Click Next to add the Tags. AWS Tag is used for management.

Step 3: Click to review and Create the user.

Easy! Appreciate if you can share your knowledge for community.

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